Restaurants Playa del Carmen

With more than 300 restaurants in Playa del Carmen to choose from, there is surely something to appease every palate. Although there are some great restaurants on 5th Avenue, there are also wonderful hidden gems off the beaten path. We've comprised a list of our favorite Playa del Carmen restaurants from romantic eateries on 5th Avenue to affordable local hideaways.

100% Natural<a name=`100natural`></a>

100% Natural

They specialize in vegetarian, salads, pastas, soups, fresh fish, meat and poultry. This is one of our favorite restaurants. Located in a garden patio, it almost feels like your food was picked fresh right there on the spot. The atmosphere is very relaxed and since it`s right on 5th Avenue, it`s also great for people watching. We recommend this to anyone who loves fresh food and is ideal for vegetarians, those on a diet or who love to eat healthy.
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Location: 5th Avenue near Calle 10, Playa del Carmen
Aguachiles<a name=`aguachiles`></a>


Open for lunch, they specialize in shrimp tacos and ceviches. We eat here frequently. The prices are great, the food always fresh and the service fast. The place usually is packed by 2pm for the standard lunch crowd. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a delicious meal on the cheap at a local hot spot.
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Location: 34th Street between 20th and 25th Avenues, Playa del Carmen


Fantastic Mexican food, large portions, great service. The place is usually packed for dinner, but the minimal wait is worth it. Try their margaritas. This is one of our favorite spots in Playa
Location: 4th Street between 5th and 10th Aves, Playa del Carmen
Ah Cacao<a name=`ahcacao`></a>

Ah Cacao

A coffee and chocolate bar serving the most delicious chocolate mousse and chocolate java drinks around. If it weren`t for all the calories we would visit daily. The chocolate is made fresh and is always fantastic. They also have a selection of brownies, white chocolate and homemade ice cream. Their small gift section has a nice selection of homemade Mexican chocolates to bring back home.
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Location: 5th Ave & 30th St and also at 5th Ave & Constityentes, Playa del Carmen
Casa del Agua<a name=`casaagua``></a>

Casa del Agua

Charming and warmly decorated establishment overlooking 5th Avenue. Perfect for a delicious romantic dinner or a night out. They have an international menu, though they specialize in seafood. We recommend the Casa del Agua salad and the short ribs.
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Location: 5th Avenue and 2nd Street, Playa del Carmen
Casa Mediterranea<a name=`casamediterranea`></a>

Casa Mediterranea

Nestled on a quiet patio off 5th Avenue, Casa Mediterranea serves delicious Italian fare in a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere. Owners and operators, Maurizio and Mari, are almost always on site to greet guests and to make recommendations. The food quality is fantastic and certainly makes a visit to the restaurant worthwhile.
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Location: 5th Avenue between 6th and 8th Streets, Playa del Carmen


Wonderful pasta, salads and smoothies in a no-frills, laid back, very local neighborhood. This is really a hidden gem and is usually packed. Owner operator, Tony, is usually on site for a friendly smile or helpful recommendation. Pasta dishes are quite unique and expect distinct dishes in a variety of flavors. Pricing is great and portions are large.
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Location: 40th Avenue between Calle 4 and 4 Nte Biz, Playa del Carmen
Como Como

Como Como

This Italian restaurant has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Playa. It is so good I would not recommend going without a reservation - and in Playa del Carmen, that is practically unheard of. The mixed drinks tend to be spotty, but the delicious food and great service certainly make up for any potentially watered-down cocktails.
Location: 10th Avenue between 12th and 14th Streets, Playa del Carmen
Chez Celine

Chez Celine

Fantastic French cafe with mouthwatering pastries. This is a should not miss spot; the food and coffee rival that of Paris. The owner is French and can often be found on site baking up some delectables.
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Location: 5th Avenue between 32nd and 34th Streets, Playa del Carmen
El 10<a name=`10`></a>

El 10

Argentinean grill with fantastic meats, hamburgers and now seafood. Ideally situated on 5th Avenue, it`s perfect for people watching. The prices are reasonable and the food is consistently well worth the visit. This is one of our favorite spots.
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Location: 5th Avenue and 30th Street, Playa del Carmen
Don Chendo

Don Chendo

Arguably the best pizza in Playa del Carmen. Don Chendo serves delicious deep dish pizza and wonderful pasta dishes. Personally I would rate it as a top 5 pick in all of Playa. No frills, not fancy, very local, clean and superbly delicious.
Location: 30th Avenue and 24th Street, Playa del Carmen
El Camello, Jr.

El Camello, Jr.

Located in Tulum, 45 minutes south of Playa, El Camello Jr. serves the best seafood we have eaten in Mexico to date. Located in a no-frills, very local establishment with plastic tables and chairs, El Camello Jr. has incredible, fresh seafood at unbeatable prices. Try the whole fried fish, fish fillet with garlic sauce or grilled squid. This is arguably our favorite restaurant.
Location: Avenida Tulum & Luna Sur, Tulum
El Fogon<a name=`elfogon`></a>

El Fogon

Perfect for dinner or lunch, they specialize in grilled Mexican style meats. This is one of our favorite restaurants. It`s very reasonably priced and very hard to go wrong. They even have great fruit drinks made from fresh fruit and either milk or water. At night local musicians serenade patrons for tips. This restaurant is perfect for meat fanatics, couples and families. They have other locations throughout town with food equally as good.
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Location: Constituyentes between 25th and 30th Avenues, Playa del Carmen
HC Monterrey<a name=`hcmonterrey`></a>

HC Monterrey

Open for lunch and dinner they serve delicious arrachera (marinated flank steak). Although their drink selection is limited, their steak is juicy and savory. You can also order raw arrachera to take home and grill yourself. At night local musicians serenade patrons for tips. This restaurant is suited for meat lovers. They have other locations throughout town with food equally as good.
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Location: Constituyentes between 25th and 30th Avenues, Playa del Carmen
La Bamba Jarocha<a name=`labamba`></a>

La Bamba Jarocha

Arguably our favorite spot for seafood in Playa del Carmen, try their seafood stew covered in cheese or savor their yummy coconut shrimp. The fish stuffed with seafood is also wonderful. The location is very local but very well worth it.
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Location: 30th Avenue and 36th Street, Playa del Carmen
La Cieba<a name=`lacieba`></a>

La Cieba

Serving up fresh Mexican fare at great prices. Attached to a fruit and vegetable market with the same owners, it`s hard to get food any fresher. The food tastes like it was picked from the farm that day. Try their fabulous fruit smoothies. La Ceiba shares the same owner and generally the same menu as the restaurant across the street, Nativo, which is equally as good.
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Location: 30th Avenue and 20th Street, Playa del Carmen
La Cueva del Chango<a name=`cuevachango`></a>

La Cueva del Chango

Great for any meal, this is a real hidden gem. You`ll enjoy great juices, blended fruit drinks, salads, soups, Mexican specialties with a natural twist, and handmade tortillas. The fish is fresh and delicious. Although there is typically a wait for your food to be made, especially at breakfast, it is always made fresh and delicious. The building itself is designed like a cave: there is a stream inside with fish pond and colorful glass bottles protrude from the ceiling casting prismatic shades. Mosquitoes tend to be a problem, but free bug spray is offered.
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Location: 38th St. between 1st and 5th Avenues, Playa del Carmen
La Tarraya<a name=`latarraya`></a>

La Tarraya

One of the first (if not first) restaurants in Playa. Serving delicious seafood at rock bottom prices. The place is nothing fancy with plastic tables and chairs and no frills service, but you are right on the beach so the views are amazing.
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Location: On the beach at 2nd Street, Playa del Carmen
Mi Pueblo<a name=`mipueblo``></a>

Mi Pueblo

Fantastic Mexican fare right on trendy 5th Avenue. Service is top notch and food delicious. Great spot for people watching. Tourist pricing, but given the quality and prime 5th Avenue location it`s to be expected. Try their molcajetes (like a fajita in a pot of volcanic type rock).
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Location: 5th Avenue and 8th Street, Playa del Carmen
Nikkori<a name=`nikkori`></a>


Wonderful sushi. Tuesdays and Thursdays are two for one. Allan and I eat here often and absolutely love it.
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Location: 10th Avenue and 32nd Street
Oh Lala<a name=`ohlala`></a>

Oh Lala

This is one of my 2 top favorite restaurants in Playa del Carmen. It`s pricier than most in Playa, but compared with the US or Canada the delicious fares are a steal at around $200 pesos. The restaurant is very small, but chef and owner Jorge is always on site to make everything fresh. I love the lamb chops. Frankly everything on the menu is delicious. I could eat here several times a week if my wallet would let me! Make a reservation if you are coming during high season. It`s only open for dinner.
Location: 10th Avenue between 14 biz and 16th Streets, Playa del Carmen
Phone: +52 (984) 873-3548
Toll Free: 877-517-3499
Piola<a name=`piola`></a>


Open for lunch and dinner they offer the best thin crust pizza in Playa with over 50 different type of toppings. It rivals our favorite Pizza joint in Boston. We eat here often and highly recommend it. Also try their basil martini and chocolate mousse.
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Location: 38th Street between 1st and 5th Avenue, Playa del Carmen
Tropical<a name=`tropical`></a>


Serving delicious, healthy international cuisine morning, noon and night. Ask owner Gerardo for what`s fresh. You can either eat on their outdoor first level patio on 5th Avenue and watch the world walk by or choose the breezy second level for a cooler, more private dining experience.
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Location: 5th Avenue between 8th and 10th Streets, Playa del Carmen
Papa Charlies

Papa Charlies

Made from scratch fresh on site, this will be some of the most delicious pasta you have eaten. They even supply homemade pasta to a number of surrounding restaurants. This is Allan`s favorite restaurant. Even if you`re not a big pasta fan, you will love this place. Laid back and quaint with outdoor seating, it`s not fancy but the food is amazing.
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Location: 25th Avenue between Calle 30 & 32, Playa del Carmen