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Enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your condo or villa from trained, reputable massage therapist.

Massage Playa del Carmen
Massage Playa del Carmen
We offer the following types of massages in your condo or villa from trained, professional therapists:

Swedish Massage (whole body massage at your comfort level to relieve stressness and fatigue)
Deep-Tissue Massage (slow strokes and deep pressure to relieve tension)
Pregnancy Massage (light massage to relieve pain and swelling)
Trigger-Point Therapy or Neuromuscular Therapy (finger point pressure to relieve chronic pain) Reflexology (foot and hand massage to promote balance and relieve tension)

Location: In the comfort of your condo or villa in Playa del Carmen
Phone: +52 (984) 873-3548
Toll Free: 877-517-3499